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The old Tooronga Football Club was established in 1919, in the then Tooronga Park, in parkland beside the existing Tooronga railway station. It was established jointly by the Tooronga Progress Association and a group of local people interested in football. Its first president was Gil Smith. The Tooronga Club’s jumper was white with a red trim, which remained until 1929, when the colours became a red jumper with a white monogram. This design largely remained until the Clubs amalgamation. After formation, Tooronga competed in the league sub Districts, which was then just below current A.F.L. level, and then in the 1930s, in the Eastern Suburban League and Caulfield- Oakleigh League. At the time of its original foundation, the Metropolitan area did not extend far past Burke road, and a trip to the country would be the bush around Glen Waverley.

The Malvern Amateur Football club was established in 1934, as an offshoot of the local YMCA group. Malvern’s colours were navy blue, with a white monogram, very similar to today’s Carlton jumper. Malvern Amateurs had early success, winning premierships in 1935 and 1937.


Amalgamation 1964
As a result of the cramped conditions at the E J Frost Pavilion, divided loyalties, and lack of success, and after lengthy discussions over several years, the clubs agreed to amalgamate in 1964 to form the Tooronga-Malvern combine football club. For a number of years the club was referred to as the Combine, but more recently just TMFC, or TMs. The first President of the Combine was Eric Comerford, the senior coach was Keith Grey and the reserves coach was Bert Liddell. The present colours were drawn from the red of Tooronga and the navy blue of Malvern, with the white monogram being maintained.


A New Era Begins
In 1990 the new ground and rooms were completed and began a new era for the resident TMFC and TDCC. The plaque at the entrance to the Club, in particular recognises those individuals who gave their time so freely to the pavilion project.


The New Millennium
The year 2001 proved to be a golden year for the club. Two premierships, one under Glen Hopkins in the Firsts, and another under Reserves coach Mick Rossborough, the Reserves being undefeated in 2001. The failure to name Jimmy Shannon in the Senior side that day will forever remain an issue of some controversy.

Since that great day, the Club has progressed steadily through the grades, winning a 2nd Division flag in 2012 and finally competing in 1st Division finals in 2015.


Club Name Change 2012
It had been increasingly apparent for some years that whilst the name Tooronga Malvern remained a reflection of the merged entity of some decades prior, it bore little relevance to the Club’s geographical position and growth potential. As a result, the committee called a Special General Meeting to vote on a Special Resoluton to change the name of the club to “East Malvern Football Club”. The rationale behind the change was that the club needed to align itself with the local community and the East Malvern Junior Football Club. The resolution was passed by the eligible voting members of the club on 31 January 2012.

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