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Funters Footy Tipping

This is not your usual boring footy tipping competition; this has been spiced up to give you plenty more to think about each week!


You not only make your selections for each game, you also choose a margin range for each game. But what really separates this tipping competition from others is that you are rewarded for taking risks and backing the underdog. The higher the risk, the more potential reward as the scoring is based on their algorithm which is sure to draw the interest of you out there who are partial to a punt. There will also be one game each week which is ‘double dividends’ just to add another element to this already intriguing competition.


The cost is $20 a week, with half of the entry money each week going to the winner. Please set up a direct debit using the details provided on the website and happy tipping.


Click the image below! It'll take you to our competition!

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